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Public and private video surveillance systems that were started to be set up thirty years ago in Great Britain have recently spread all across the world. It is pleasing to note that installation of these systems in Lithuania is gathering an ever greater momentum as well, and such systems are used not only for protection of diverse objects, but also for surveillance of public spaces, streets, squares and other places of mass public gathering.

The benefit of video surveillance systems for cities is obvious – they help to secure public order, serve as a preventive measure against criminal and other illegal activities, help to ensure traffic safety and expose committed crimes. With the help of these systems the police and other agencies (fire-fighting, ambulance, etc.) can respond more expeditiously to incidents and provide city dwellers and guests with well-rounded assistance. Municipal government administrations, police, other agencies and residents have already realised that video surveillance systems are making their city safer, cleaner and more attractive to investors and tourists.

Customarily, the function of monitoring images transmitted by video cameras is vested with cities' police commissariats, i.e. cameras are being monitored by policemen.

In 2009, the video surveillance division of UAB "Lyderio grupė" – "Lyderio vaizdo stebėjimas“ – proposed transferring this function to people with disabilities. This idea gained recognition and appraisal upon emergence that such service can be performed by people with various disabilities and without special education. In 2009, we signed our first cooperation agreements with administrations and police commissariats of Kaunas and Klaipėda City Municipalities and launched provision of video camera monitoring services in these cities. Today, we provide such services in the cities and towns of Panevėžys, Biržai, Elektrėnai, Utena, Visaginas and Kretinga. The benefit of cooperation is mutual: we achieve social objectives, whereas the police can do its direct job, i.e. patrolling the streets, catching criminals, and regulating traffic. Cities also enjoy economic benefits since our rendered service is cheaper.

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