Lyderio cleaning service

UAB "Lyderio grupė" is a project-management and social-integration enterprise with over 200 employees. The company's division Lyderio švaros servisas (Leader's Cleaning Service) provides indoor cleaning and outdoor-territory maintenance services. The company offers only relevant, flexible and high-quality services meeting customer expectations.

The company provides services at the time convenient to the customer and in line with the customer's needs and can also provide special services based on the specific characteristics of the premises (external cleaning of windows with truck cranes, replacement of mats, grass cutting and mowing, snow clearing, etc.). All cleaning services are provided using up-to-date technologies and advanced quality assurance methods. Diverse cleaning processes employ only time-tested chemical agents that conform to the highest ecology standards.

Detailed description of the service on offer:

  • Damp cleaning of floor coverings with specialty cleaning agents designated for safe and effective cleaning of specific surfaces;
  • Dust and stain removal from doors, door handles, skirting boards, furniture, telephones and other indoor accessories, removal of accidental stains from walls within reachable height without additional equipment, window-sills and radiators;
  • Removal of stains from reachable glass surfaces (excluding windows) and glass partitions without additional equipment;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary premises and facilities, including limescale removal;
  • Removal of litter from dustbins to the indicated container, cleaning of dustbins;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Floor waxing;
  • Tile impregnation;
  • Supply of products for hygiene;
  • Outdoor-territory maintenance.

The service is performed at the time convenient to the customer.

Service-Quality Assurance Measures

Site cleaning control is performed by the company on a daily basis (Quality Manager). All employees undergo additional training (briefing) with regard to work at a particular site. UAB "Lyderio grupė" is certificated under Quality Management Standard LST EV ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management Standard LST EN ISO 14001:2005 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard LST 1977:2008 for cleaning of premises and territories.

Risk Management

UAB "Lyderio grupė" has civil liability insurance for premises cleaning activities in the amount of 100,000 LTL per 1 event, which will cover your financial damages that may arise due to the fault of our employees.

For quality-assurance purposes, we conduct a monthly survey, in the form of a questionnaire, with regard to customer satisfaction with the quality of our services and make corresponding changes to enhance customer satisfaction.

UAB "Lyderio grupė" assumes full responsibility for administration and substitution of employees in case of an illness as well as for vacation leave expenses, site administration, quality supervision, orderly cleaning equipment, cleaning agents. Our customers are free from attending to staff substitution issues in case of an illness or vacation leave, from spending time for administration of employees and accounting, and from taking care of procurement of chemical agents or cleaning accessories.

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Lyderio cleaning service

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